Cpoena - Bob MacMillan

Cpoena made her first visit to the studio's on Sunday (Mother's Day), this was the first time we had meet and she explained that she had not been modeling for along time and was hoping to get back into it. She soon got back into the swing and it was as though she had never been away, I guess it just came naturally to her.

Cpoena said...

Had my first shoot in a few years today so was quite nervous. Bob immediately made me feel very comfortable and gave me great direction. I really enjoyed today and I'm veŕy excited to do more shoots in the future now. I highly recommend. Thank you so much was a great day 😁

Note: Reference taken from Bob MacMillan's Purpleport portfolio page https://purpleport.com/portfolio/bobmac/references/

Link to Cpoena's PurplePort Portfolio page - https://purpleport.com/portfolio/vixenc/