Kirsty Alexis & Aaron Seager - Bob MacMillan

Kirsty has made two visits to the studio, the first on the 6th June 2017 and the second on the 8th July when she brought along a new male model Aaron Seager to shoot with her. It is always a pleasure to work with her and this time was no exception, the shoot was great and Aaron enjoyed himself.   Below are a selection of the images taken during this shoot with Kirsty and Aaron and as normal  backgrounds were added post shoot utilising green screen.

Kirsty Alexis said...

Bob is very professional, Very passionate in his work and is very helpful with guiding. Being my first in studio shoot for a while he made me feel very comfortable very quickly. His studio is amazing. Look forward to working with him again!

Kirsty Alexis said...

Second time working with Bob, pleasure to work with. This time around I brought a friend looking to start up in modelling with no previous experience and Bob was very good at directing him. If I could I would work with Bob all the time. Ideas are amazing and shoot style spot on!

Note:        Reference taken from Bob MacMillan's Purpleport portfolio page

Link          to Kirsty Alexis PurplePort Portfolio page -

Footage of Kirsty Alexis during her shoot in the studio's.

Edited by Kirsty Alexis