Lindy Pieri (Actress) - Bob MacMillan

Lindy first visited the studio on the 11th June 2017 for a photoshoot to help me promote the studio.  She arrived well prepared with her 50's clothes and accessories,  exactly what you would  come to expect from a professional stage and screen actress.  Below are a selection of the images taken during our shoot with backgrounds added post shoot. 

Lindy said...

Bob is professional, respectful and friendly. He put me at ease and gave me lots of advice on posing etc. I welcomed his advice as I am still fairly new to model photoshoots. We had a 3 hour shoot in his lovely studio which was enjoyable and the time seemed to pass very quickly. Bob kindly took some photographs that I needed for my portfolio in addition to the green screen ones. The wind machine was fun! Thank you Bob, I hope to work with you again!

Note:      Reference taken from Bob MacMillan's Purpleport portfolio page

Link        to Lindy Pieri's PurplePort Portfolio page -