Maretta Vergette - Bob MacMillan

Maretta first visited the studio in 2016 for a photoshoot to help promote the studio. I firmly believe that to be a good model you must also be able to act and improvise to sell the shoot and Maretta will not let you down.   During the shoot we tried a few of the "silent movie" shots that she pulled off beautifully.   Below are a selection of a few of the images taken during the shoot and as normal backgrounds were added post shoot.

Maretta Vergette said...

BobMac approached me in regards to a photo shoot and the communication leading up to the shoot was brilliant. BobMac's studio is absolutely incredible, there is plenty of space (and privacy) for hair and makeup/outfit changes, there are also various props and costumes on hand. Bob is a truly fantastic photographer, he immediately put me at ease and we came out with some excellent images, he is also very encouraging. He is a lovely person and I hope to work with him again soon!

Note:       Reference taken from Bob MacMillan's Purpleport portfolio page

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