Regine - Bob MacMillan

Regine has made two visits to the studio, the first on the 10th March 2016 and the second on the 10th December 2016 and was a pleasure to work with on each occasion.   She is very confident in her own body and very creative, she has some wonderful ideas for shoots and can make her own outfits for Cosplay.   I could never get tired of working with this model.  Below are a selection of some of the many images taken during her shoots with backgrounds added post shoot. A wonderful model.

Regine said...

Had a fantastic shoot with Bob a few days ago. Pre-comms were excellent, and the entirety of planning and shooting came together smoothly. Though professional throughout, his friendly and easy going nature made it a joy to work with him. Bob has a lot of brilliant ideas, and that coupled with his personality definitely makes me want to work with him again. I would highly recommend him to anyone experienced or just starting out.

Note:       Reference taken from Bob MacMillan's Purpleport portfolio page

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