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We know it can be a very expensive time for the new model when they are first breaking into the modeling world, so to help the new model we offer from time to time the opportunity for them to work with the studio on a Time For (TF) basis.   

Quite simply put, working on a TF basis means that the model and the studio agree to work together and no money will exchange hands.  The model, for their time, will receive a selection of the edited electronic images (Jpegs) for their portfolio and use on their social media and the photographer will retain the images for his use.

During our studio shoots the camera is tethered to the computer and a 40" colour monitor.  This allows both the model and photographer to view the images as taken in real time.  

Following the shoot the images are cropped and generally colour corrected before being sent to the model.  The model will receive a personal password for access to their folder on the site (no one else can see the folder at this time) to allow them to view and select the images they want to keep, and the images they want to remove from the folder.  

Once both the model and photographer are happy with the images they are uploaded to the studio's web site.  Below are examples of some of the images taken during TF shoots. 


Please be aware that any models under the age of legal consent must be accompanied by a responsible adult (parent or legal guardian) and a studio model release form signed.

If you are interested in a TF shoot and would like to know more give us a call on Tel: 01493  658689 or Mobile: 07850 464759.

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